Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hello baby girl!

We are proud to announce the birth of Scoffield baby #4- Stella Sherrie Scoffield!  I want to make sure that I record all of my thoughts and feelings about this beautiful little one. We had to try hard to get Stella. She was a VERY wanted baby.  I had to be patient and wait month after month- I know that many of my friends have dealt with infertility on a long-term basis and this gave me a glimpse into how hard that is.  When the stick was finally pink- our little family was extremely overjoyed.  Then Mom got sick- and stayed sick right through delivery.  This pregnancy was definitely my hardest one as the 'morning sickness' never subsided and already having three other munchkins to keep up with definitely took it's toll.

It's a fun idea to have a baby on Christmas Day- until it becomes a actual chance that you might.  I was really worried about going into labor on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and not being around to be with the other kids. I sweet-talked my doctor into inducing me three days early on December 22nd.  Stella was my longest labor- and I was kind enough to let Shelby and my doctor finish watching the BSU football game before getting ready to push.  Stella was born at 5:01 pm- face up- with the cord wrapped around her neck. There was about ten minutes of lots of nurses and doctors in our room before she perked up and decided to stop scaring her mommy.  She is my biggest baby- weighing in at 8 lbs. even and 19 1/2 inches long.  Lots of beautiful, crazy hair, crooked toes, and long fingers.  We think she is just beautiful.

She is very, very, very loved by her brothers and sisters. She will be very spoiled because she hardly ever gets put down when all the kids are home.  I feel like a broken record most of the time- 'Be Gentle! Hold her head! Don't hug her so tight! Don't touch her face! She's not a doll!'  But it's really fun how much they all love her.  Every night after the kids are tucked in, she is wide awake and ready for her attention from Mom and Dad until about 10:30.  We love having that time to talk to her and enjoy her.

Stella's name is also very special to us.  Stella was my great-grandmother's name on my Mother's side. Sherrie was Shelby's grandma's name. He was very close to her and she died when he was 10.

Many, many, many times over the last couple of weeks I have been overcome with how incredibly blessed I am. I'm so happy with my wonderful husband and four crazy beautiful munchkins.  It's humbling to remember the things that truly are important.  I'm so grateful.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gingerbread Men

Grandma Turner had all the grandkids over to her house to decorate gingerbread men. It was a first for my kiddos and they loved it! I thought they were so cute how hard they were concentrating. Thanks Grandma!

Christmas fun

Santa came riding into town on a fire truck! We were at the front of the line to see him. It was the first year I was able to get Livvy to sit on his lap! After Santa, we got our faces painted, ate cookies, and rode Ina horse- drawn wagon. Then we went home, drank hot chocolate and decorated the tree.

Happy Birthday Ikers!

My little boy is already three! I can't believe it! He has such a funny crazy personality and brings so much laughter to our home. He chose a Toy Story cake and got lots of fun presents from his cousins. He received trains and a track from Grandma Turner. He got cute clothes and a orange rope from Grandma Wendy. Mom and Dad bought him a cool big John Deere loader. He was a happy guy. Happy birthday Ikers- we sure love you!

Happy Halloween!

Look how cute my kiddos were this year! I didn't get a great picture because I was busy with the Young Women and the Trick or Treat. Livvy was so pretty as Little Red Riding hood. Wyatt insisted on being a scary vampire. I wasn't quite ready for the 'I wanna be something scary' phase to start. Ike refused to dress up as anything but a cowboy. Good thing we already has that costume :)

Beautiful Toothless Livvy

Livvy is so fun- she loves fashion and new outfits. Here are a few pictures in cute outfits that were gifts. The cute dress was from Grandma Turner and the cute scarf Aunt Tracey made her.

She is so incredibly proud of her toothless smile. She was in a competition with a boy in her class to see who could lose their loose tooth first. She ripped it out herself on the bus when it was only slightly loose- what a crazy girl!

Wyatt earns his Bobcat badge

In August Wyatt earned his bobcat badge in Cub Scouts. He was so proud and so excited to have his first patch for his shirt. He was a bit disappointed when he learned what he had to do to earn the Bobcat badge- he was really excited about 'wrestling' a bobcat. :)

Soccer stars

Wyatt and Livvy had a blast playing soccer this year. They had great coaches and friends on their team. They both worked hard and improved so much over the season. Aren't they cute?

Too much fun for Ike

Ike and I were enjoying our last few months at home during the day without any other munchkins home. We have had lots of fun building robots, barns, and farms. One day I wore him completely out and found him passed out in the hallway face first into the carpet. He is so much fun!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cub Scout Day Camp

I got to go to Wyatt's first Cub Scout Day Camp this year. He had such a blast  shooting BB guns, playing volleyball, floating in a paddle boat, and doing crafts.  He had a lot of fun and thought he was so darn cute all day.